Hello I am Jack Smith the founder of Gaining Greatness. I built Gaining Greatness because I had a vision of being able to use my education and resources to be able to help more people achieve their goals or desired results. I am from a small city in Ohio originally (Greenville, Ohio). I joined the U.S.Army after high school ( I was a military police officer). I am a family man as I am married and have children. Being that I am from Ohio I am a massive Ohio sports fan. I am mostly a huge Cincinnati Bengals, Cincinnati Reds, and Ohio State Buckeyes football fan. I enjoy playing video games but don;t prefer consoles as much as I used to as I enjoy going to arcades because winning prizes for playing games is fun because you have the more instantaneous reward for your effort.

After my military service I learned several skills and used my entrepreneurial mindset to start and run some small businesses. I have worked for corporate business doing customer services, marketing, marketing data analysis, and working as a sales representative. I had an eBay store, I also started and ran a daycare for a little while, worked as a freelancer doing marketing, search engine optimization, built WordPress websites, managed social media accounts and managed WordPress websites. Learning many skills as a freelancer while running small businesses and getting some college education allowed me to continue to grow my skills and expand my service offerings. I was a top rated service provider on many freelancing sites before deciding to shut down that business and put my efforts into building and growing my own businesses. I started a pet sitting, pet boarding, and pet walking business and ran that for a while. In my free time I started blogs/websites, I have developed software, and doing all this I got college degrees and became a certified personal trainer through the International Sports Sciences Association. I became an elite trainer being certified in several training fields through the International Sports Sciences Association. I conducted studies in different niches and since have used my skills and information gained from research and experience to build Gaining Greatness into my empire! Anyways this provides you a good bit of the skills and things I have done or acquired over the last 15 years.

Gaining Greatness spans across multiple niches and I offer different programs, memberships, products, or services throughout my range of websites. I do marketing and media, I do search engine optimization, I do content creation, I train people to do many different things, I strive to help people achieve their health and fitness goals, I do some public speaking and ultimately I help people the best way that I can! I have made a ton of mistakes along my way but continue to improve and adapt over time to continuously refine my system and process for doing everything so that goals are achievable!

I look forward to helping you and many other people around the world accomplish your goals!

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