I'm Jack Smith

I help people strive towards and achieve their goals for starting a business, marketing, growing businesses, health and fitness. I have a significant amount of education and hands on experience in different fields.

I started Gaining Greatness with a vision of creating websites, programs, and software that help solve problems for people at affordable prices. Whether people want to learn to start their own business, market, advertise, or grow their business I can help with this. I also am capable of helping people achieve their health and fitness goals!


My story

In short I am an enthusiastic entrepreneur with the hope and ambition of helping a massive amount of people!

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My purpose is ultimately to help others achieve their goals!

With my education, entrepreneurial spirit and my ability to take action has made me successful at what I do. Finding success for myself and continuing to work towards goals of my own I have developed websites, programs and software to help others achieve their goals as well!

New? Start Here -

Here I have gathered links that can help new people discover more about me, and what I do! I also share the link for how I may be able to help you achieve goals in your life as well so that you can gain greatness!

I met Jack at an event and he was extremely down to earth! After becoming a member of some of his programs I can say he has fantastic customer support that sets him apart from other public figures.

Helen Amherst

Small Business Owner

Jack's ways of teaching make it easy to follow what he is telling his audience so that they are capable of implementing what he teaches to help them with their lives and businesses!

James McDougal

Fitness Center owner

If you are looking for Marketing and advertising Jack is the person you are looking to get help from! My side business is thriving as a result of hiring Jack to assist me with these tasks!

Emily Rochester

U.S Service member

Take Action Today To Achieve More Greatness!

Achieving greatness is really combining series of small wins until they equal a much larger win when looking at all that you have accomplished!